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doTERRA Plans to Fund 75 Scholarships for UVU'S 75th Anniversary

doTERRA announced their plan to fund 75 UVU scholarships at Utah Valley University at their Women's Leadership Luncheon in April. Working closely with the UVU Women's Success Center, the scholarships will go toward helping women to complete their degree. They hope to raise $400,000 for women's scholarships at UVU and, in turn, strengthen the community. We wish doTERRA and the UVU Women's Success Center every success as they strive toward that goal - you can read more about it here.

John Quinones Urges Students to Persue the Love of Discovery

At UVU's 75th commencement, speaker John Quinones told graduates to, "Choose a profession that you would work at, even if you weren't getting paid for it. That will bring you true happiness and satisfaction." UVU awarded 5,409 degrees, including 99 master's degrees, to their graduating class. Congratulations on a great ceremony, and a great year, to UVU and all of their new alumni! You can read more about it here.